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Pest control is no small issue. At Goliath, we share your values. Our goal is to help you protect your home and family by providing safer, cleaner, better solutions for pest-free living. What's more, you can stand tall against pests at work, too. Goliath offers the ultimate solution for commercial business. Our treatment plan keeps the pesticide and the bugs outside, where they belong!
  • Testimonials

    Bill and Kim Spain

    “Goliath Pest Control is by far the best pest control company we’ve used. We like the fact that they are a family-owned, Christian-based business, that provides quality, dependable service and uses only the highest-quality products.  Having pets and children, safety is our primary concern.  We have been bug-free for over two years thanks to Goliath.”

    Alan and Shannon Brush

    “When we moved to Southlake 12 years ago, a neighbor recommended Goliath Pest Control. We’ve been recommending them ever since! Todd and Cherish have become friends to our family and are always dependable, knowledgeable, reasonable in price, and excellent in service. Every time I call with a problem, Goliath is right on top of it. Most importantly to us, Goliath gives an honest answer, is easy to work with and  just simply good people! ”