Weather change means more ants.

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Ants use pheromones to create trails that lead to sources of food. The interesting part is that the pheromone trail that they create can only last for about 3 days. Therefore, any time there is a sharp decline in outdoor temperature, ants begin to retreat to their den in order to escape the colder temperatures. When colder temperatures persists for more than three days, the pheromone trail fades.

So when the weather warms up and the ants return to the surface, they move into a random forging phase. This is when they begin to infiltrate your homes and yards. So now that the weather is starting to warm, you must be proactive against ants before they wander into your yard or home.

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Early Bird Special (March Only)

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$25 off General Pest Inside/Outside Treatment

Get $25 off your first General Pest Treatment (regularly $154.95). Treatment includes general treatment inside the home as well as a precision application on all cracks and crevices with a power spray barrier treatment around the entire perimeter of your home. This treatment establishes an excellent fortification against ants and general insects.

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Alan and Shannon Brush

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“When we moved to Southlake 12 years ago, a neighbor recommended
Goliath Pest Control. We have been recommending them ever since! Todd
and Cherish have become friends to our family. They are always
dependable, proactive about knowing the issues we tend to run into,
reasonable in price but excellent in service. Every time I have ever
called with a problem, Todd was always right there on top of it. Most
importantly to us, Goliath Pest Control is always willing to give an
honest answer, they are easy to work with and are just simply good
people! ”

Alan and Shannon Brush

$39.95 Green Guard Service

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Year-round pest prevention as low as $39.95/month.

With our Green Guard service, we stop pests before they enter your home without applying chemicals to the inside. Our superior products and proven methods will create an effective bug barrier outside of your home, without setting foot inside. Call for more details.

Termites swarm April/May

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Right now, there is a hightened sense of urgency to protect your home against termite invasion. Termites typically begin swarming in April/May, which means that they are now laying eggs and ramping up their food intake in order to nourish them.

The much needed nitrogen required to sustain the newly-hatched swarmers will be obtained through a sharp increase in food consumption. All that means is that, long before you begin to notice a swarm of termites, much of the damage has already been done. The best way to safeguard a home from infestation is to treat early in order to pin the pests back. Now is the time to act, so before you put it off another day consider the savings you’ll get by taking preventative measures, rather than treating damages after they’ve happened.

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